Membership Requirements

Article 6. Membership. In order to become an active member with the privilege of wearing the club colors and to vote at club meetings, an interested person must make a request to become a prospect. At its monthly meeting, the active membership will have a vote to accept or reject the request. If accepted, the prospect will be assigned a sponsor. The following requirements must be met and maintained.

a. Prospect: The Prospect and all active members must have a running motorcycle, registered, insured, and capable of maintaining speeds for local, highway, and Interstate travel. The prospect and all active members must have a valid motorcycle license. The prospect must attend at least two(2) Church services at Edinburg Road Chapel a month for a period of at least two(2) months. Under the supervision of their sponsor, the prospect will be guided in living a life in accordance with the requirements and by-laws of the club and in what is fitting for living a Christ-like life. During this two (2) month period, the prospect shall read the club by- laws and attend all official meetings and rides sponsored by Riders For Christ-CMC unless working, in the hospital, or an acceptable excuse approved by the club President or Sergeant-at-Arms. Prospect stands for Prospective Member, but no prospect patches will be worn. At the end of the sponsorship period, the active membership of the club will vote on the prospect status. It must be a unanimous vote by the active members present to be accepted as a new active member into the club.

b. Members: All active members of the club, must attend Edinburg Road Chapel Sunday Worship at least two (2) Sundays per month. All are encouraged to be active in one of ERC regular Small Groups (E/Cell Groups, etc.) All active members of the club are required to participate in all meeting, rides and events sponsored by Riders For Christ-CMC, unless they have a valid reason (sickness, work schedule, away on vacation, or another reason determined valid by the club President or Sergeant-at- Arms).

c. Dues: All active members shall pay an annual dues in cash as determined by a majority vote of the club’s membership. The money from the collected dues, will be used as determined by a majority vote of the active members present at its regular monthly meeting, or, in case of an emergency, as determined by the club Executive Committee.

d.Discipline: All club discipline will be handled by the club Executive Committee. This will include necessary action regarding a warning, probation, or dismembership(strip of colors). Warning means a club member has been given notice from the Executive Committee and the need to correct the offense. “Probation” means a club member has been forbidden to wear his/her colors to anything but a club meeting or an Edinburg Road Chapel function. The probation period will be determined by the Executive Committee and must be a minimum of one(1) month and no longer than one(1) year. Probation members must attend all club functions but are not permitted to vote. At the end of the probation period, the Executive Committee will determine if the member is to be reinstated or removed from membership. Dismembership means a member must return their colors and official membership t-shirts, hats, pins, or patches.

e. Absentee Members: Active members who will be away from the area for extended periods (one month to one year) of time because of Health reasons, Military Obligations, or Church Missions ministries, etc are still considered members in good standing and may wear their colors, but are not required to pay dues.

f. Honorary Members: Honorary Members are those individuals who, because of health. or age, or special restrictions be permitted to wear the club’s colors by a majority vote of the active members. Honorary members may attend meetings, but cannot serve as officers or vote. If an active member dies, they will be considered an Honorary Member.

g. Leaving The Club: A member may leave the club in good standing at any time upon request to the members of the club at a regular meeting. They may keep their colors but are not permitted to wear them.